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Monday, September 25, 2017
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Stewardshipboat Campaign

When we began consideration of our 2016 Stewardship Campaign, we thought that that we might use a nautical theme. We had visions of the stately ships of the Bible plying the waters and steadfastly delivering cargo and people to their destinations. But there was a problem. The ships of the Bible did not fare very well. In his second letter to the church in Corinth, Paul wrote that he had been shipwrecked three times. And we know from Acts 27 that his journey to Rome was a wild ride that ended in his fourth shipwreck. In 2 Chronicles, chapter 20, King Jehoshaphat’s entire fleet found the bottom of the ocean and we are fairly certain that Jonah had little good to say about his time at sea. So, having a Stewardship Campaign would probably be a bad idea. But, the boats of the Bible are a different story. In Matthew 13:1-12, Jesus used a boat as a pulpit. There were miraculous catches of fish from the disciple’s boats in John 21:1-6 and Luke 5:3-8. In Matthew 14:22-33 we read a story of faith as Jesus walked to the disciple’s boat and Peter tried to join him on the water.  So, from our Biblical narrative, we often connect Jesus and the disciples to a boat crossing the Sea of Galilee or fishing its waters. There are miracles that happened on those boats. There was praying, teaching and worship on those little vessels. They took some risks. And Christ’s Gospel was delivered.

That is the thing about boats. The crews are small and they know each other. They work close to the water. They can test their faith and encourage each other. They can fish and mend the nets and pull at the oars together. That better describes this little boat called First United Methodist Church of Seguin, crewed by its faithful congregation of disciples.

Friends, we have some fishing to do. We have people to rescue. We need to test ourselves more often. And we can pull the oars together as we journey in ministry. This is not a cruise ship that rides high over the water. This is a working boat and we are a working congregation.

As we hear the witnessing about our ministries and how they transform people and the community, we will consider our pledges for the coming year. Our ministries are worthy expressions of our love for Christ. Let’s be generous as we support the ministries of the church.

In Christ,

2016 Stewardship Committee



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